Design Lecture Series

Ken Garland

April 18 2014

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Ken Garland is a world-class British graphic designer, writer and game designer. He is well known for his anti-war campaigning in the 1960’s, as well as his First Things First manifesto, in which Garland encouraged designers to use their artistic talents for more humanitarian efforts and to shy away from consumer industries. Signed by over 400 graphic designers, the manifesto was originally released in 1964 and re-released by Adbusters in 2000.

In 1962, Garland established his own company, Ken Garland & Associates, which spearheaded the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Garland’s early clients included Galt Toys, Which? Magazine, Barbour Index, Britain’s Labour Party, Paramount Pictures and the Ministry of Technology. He has designed several notable games, such as Connect and Rivers, Roads, & Rails.

Throughout his extensive career, he has taught at the Central School, University of Reading, Royal College of Art and University of Brighton. Garland is an avid writer, authoring numerous books include “Mr. Beck’s Underground Map and “A World in Your Eye.

Selected Work by Ken Garland

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