Design Lecture Series

Stefan Sagmeister

November 08 2013

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Stefan Sagmeister is a critically acclaimed New York based designer from Vienna. With a focus on concept rather than style, Sagmeister has worked with a wide spectrum of clients such as Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum. In his lectures and art, Sagmeister often explores the subject of personal happiness and balance between work and private life.

Art exhibitions featuring his work have occurred in New York, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Prague, Cologne and Berlin. His work has been profiled in The New York Times, Rolling Stone magazine, Entertainment Tonight, The Late Show with David Letterman and Good Morning America.

During his lecture for the Design Lecture Series, Sagmeister will discuss his recent exhibition at the MOCA Los Angeles titled “The Happy Show”: a thematic multidisciplinary exhibition using film, print, graphics, sculpture, and installations to explore the artist’s mood fluctuations through means of mediation, cognitive therapy and pharmaceuticals.

Selected Work by Stefan Sagmeister

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